Many States Are Expected To Model Their Medicaid On Healthy Indiana 2.0.

Medicaid may require work, payments from the poor, as Indiana tried

INDIANAPOLIS — Katie Josway is a liberal musician and massage therapist in a conservative state that gave her health care coverage two years ago. She has to make monthly payments and can lose her plan if she misses one. She’s fine with that.

There’s a “common misperception” that people who need government assistance are looking for a handout, she says.

“We are all doing the best we can,” says Josway, who turns 31 Wednesday. “Instilling a little bit of accountability and cutting people a break where needed will lead to a better functioning and happier society.”

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100 Days In – The Outlook for Health Reform

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Tuesday, April 11th-St. Mary’s Medical Center

Join NAHU CEO Janet Trautwein for this session of Live from NAHU!, which will review the actions proposed – and underway – by the Trump Administration and Congress. What is the status of the “repeal and replace” effort? What are the legislative priorities that NAHU is pursuing?

Park in Lots G or H and enter through the Hospital for Women and Children.  The meeting room is on the right as soon as you get in the lobby.


SWIAHU Member Roger Garrett Joins Medicare Advisory Group

Roger Garrett, CLU, ChFC, CSS was asked by Janet Trautwein, NAHU CEO, to consider joining the NAHU Medicare Advisory Group.  The Medicare Advisory Group reviews relevant changes to Medicare coverage and develops resources for members to advise their clients on products.

After passing a vetting process Roger was confirmed on March 17th as the Region 3 Representative by Dwane McFerrin, Medicare Advisory Group Chair, to provide his expertise on all things senior market and Medicare related.

Roger will meet with other representatives on a monthly basis to discuss relevant policy issues and advise the council and Board of Trustees on legislation, regulation and positions.

What an honor for Roger and a testament to his knowledge and proficiency in the field.  SWIAHU is so proud of you.


February 21, 2017 Meeting

Where – Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center , 1901 Lynch Road Evansville, IN When – Registration began at 11 with Lunch / Meeting to begin at 11:30

We received  a briefing of Cap Con’s record attendance year.

Dwight Hall, IN State Legislative Chair, shared his legislative update and told us about individual visits with our elected officials on Capitol Hill.

And there was an overview of NAHU’s website to showcase all of the tools and resources we have at our fingertips as SWIAHU members.

Good turnout and good information!

State of the HUnion

We will be able to hit the ground running, as this past cycle HUPAC had a 95% win rate on the candidates we funded. That’s the best showing ever by HUPAC. It was a significant improvement from the 2012 cycle, when HUPAC had a 77% win rate, and from 2014, when we had 91% win rate. This means your hard-earned dollars are being strategically invested and we get the biggest bang for our buck! It also means that many of our supporters and friends are returning to Congress, which will help us push our legislative agenda in this new Congress.

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