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Help Us Get the Medicare Observation Status Bill over the Line

NAHU works on a wide variety of Medicare issues from legislation to improved agent marketing and commissions, to COBRA as creditable coverage and restoration of the open enrollment period.

Earlier this month, NAHU sent letters of support to the lead sponsors of S. 568 and H.R. 1421, the Improving Access to Medicare Coverage Act of 2017. These bills address Medicare’s “two-midnight” policy and would allow observation stays to be counted toward the three-day mandatory inpatient stay for Medicare coverage of a skilled nursing facility (SNF).

Currently, Medicare beneficiaries who are not officially admitted to a hospital may be classified under “Observation Status,” which is treated as an outpatient procedure for billing purposes. Furthermore, admission status may be changed to observation by the hospital for up to a year following an SNF stay and they can negate the three-day-stay requirement after the fact.

These policies are leading patients who are extremely sick and need skill nursing care to not qualify for paid Medicare SNF care and for others to later have their admission status changed so that their SNF care is now billed directly to the beneficiary instead of Medicare, creating a huge financial burden. You may have clients who have gone this through this experience or know people who did. This is wrong and must be made right.

We need your help to educate other members of Congress on the importance these actions are having on your clients through no fault of their own. The bill already has 34 cosponsors in the House and 15 cosponsors in the Senate. You can help us increase our chances of having this bill become law by contributing to HUPAC today. Click here to take action now.

HUPAC is NAHU’s political action committee and helps us spread the message of the important role agents, brokers and benefit specialists play in the healthcare system and on behalf of the beneficiaries you serve. By contributing, you assist in our legislative efforts to build momentum behind this piece of legislation and improve our odds of this becoming law.

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John Greene
Vice President of Congressional Affairs

State of the HUnion

We will be able to hit the ground running, as this past cycle HUPAC had a 95% win rate on the candidates we funded. That’s the best showing ever by HUPAC. It was a significant improvement from the 2012 cycle, when HUPAC had a 77% win rate, and from 2014, when we had 91% win rate. This means your hard-earned dollars are being strategically invested and we get the biggest bang for our buck! It also means that many of our supporters and friends are returning to Congress, which will help us push our legislative agenda in this new Congress.

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