Hupac's mission

The purpose of the National Association of Health Underwriter’s (NAHU) Political Action Committee (HUPAC) is to raise funds from NAHU members for the purpose of supporting the political campaigns of candidates who believe in private sector solutions for the health and financial security of all Americans.


What is HUPAC?

HUPAC is the political action committee of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU). It is the expression of our First Amendment rights to free speech and association guaranteed under the Constitution. Such political expression has become far more than a useful option for professionals in a heavily regulated business like the health insurance industry. It has become a necessity.

HUPAC is registered with the Federal Election Commission. Since NAHU and similar organizations are prohibited from making political contributions, HUPAC was created to allow contributors to combine their financial support to a candidate to achieve maximum effect. 

Why is HUPAC Necessary?

Few other industries are as heavily regulated as health insurance. Therefore, your success, and that of your clients, is directly dependent upon the actions of Congress. It is absolutely critical that we help those congressional candidates who support private-sector health insurance.  

How Can I Help Make a Difference?

It is imperative that NAHU members work together to counteract the strong and united forces of special-interest groups that oppose the free enterprise system of health care. HUPAC allows us to combine our resources and strength to make a difference where it will have the greatest impact for our colleagues, our clients and, above all, our country. All this can be accomplished through financial support of HUPAC. Donate today and make a difference!

Contact our HUPAC Chair, Roger Garrett or visit or the Indiana State HUPAC for more information. 

We want to thank everyone who has contributed to HUPAC this year, and if you have not started a monthly contribution, there is no time like the present. It is the least expensive insurance you will ever purchase, and by the way it is career insurance if you happen to be in the Health Insurance Industry. 

HUPAC does not buy votes!!!  What it does do is give your NAHU representatives in Washington D.C. the opportunity to speak with the Legislators of our great land. As you are receiving those nice commission checks from all of your hard work, consider starting that $10 per month contribution to HUPAC, our careers depend on it.